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The Very Most

The Very Most are an indie pop band led by Jeremy Jensen and founded in 2002 in Boise, Idaho. Influenced by Camera Obscura, The Beach Boys, and the poppier side of Built to Spill, they were, until a year ago, the only indie-pop band in this Mountain West town of around 200,000 people. Naturally they were a little lonely. Thank goodness for ye olde internets, which has allowed them to make lasting, important connections with like-minded pop enthusiasts from around the world.

Their first record, Making the Case For Me, came in 2004. After their 2008 record Congratulations Forever, the band's profile started to rise, including numerous appearances on compilations, being named the Boston Phoenix's "Best New Band in Idaho", and having their records licensed in the Philippines. In 2009 came the release of A Year With The Very Most on Dublin, Ireland label Indiecater Records. A Year With... is a compilation of four EPs that were recorded in 2009 and themed after the seasons of the year. In December 2009, the band toured in Ireland and the UK to launch the album.

In 2010, toured the West Coast and released an EP, while in 2011, they took time off from playing to record and regroup. The also released a Christmas EP entitled Snow Covered. In 2012, they released the EP Ununiversalizable Us on Spain's Little Treasure label.


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